Ergo vs Tula Baby Carrier - Which One to Chose

New parents face a daily struggle of trying to get from one point to another while safely toting an infant child. If you’re one of those parents who is looking for a way to carry your baby around safely while freeing your hands to get things done then read our Tula vs Ergo baby carriers review to find out which is the better option for you and your baby.

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About Ergo and Tula

If you conducted an online search to find out more about the best baby carriers on the market today, you will probably have noticed off the bat that even among the multitude of baby carriers with different designs and features there are two brands that stand out and are very popular – the Ergobaby and Tula.

Both these award-winning baby carriers boast some amazing features, and we’re going to break down their aspects in detail to help make it easy for you to decide which of the two would be the better choice for you.

Ergobaby carriers are specially designed for active parents who want to go about their day with their baby close to them. They are available in three different styles – Original, Performance, and 360 which means that parents will have an easier time finding a model for every child, age, and lifestyle. This review is going to focus on the Ergo Omni 360 carrier in particular.

Tula carriers have neoprene waist straps that make it easier for active, outdoorsy parents to carry their infants or toddlers with ease. The Tula Free-to-grow model is a particular favorite of a lot of parents due to the fact that it can be adjusted as the baby grows which means that parents can purchase just one carrier and use it for years.

Both these carriers have all the features that are vital in a baby carrier to ensure your baby’s safety and they also have extra features that make them desirable when it comes to ease of use as well as the level of comfort you and your baby feel.

Let’s see how these two brands compare on some of the most important qualities you want in a baby carrier.

Our TULA Pick: Baby Tula Multi-Position

Ease of Use

This carrier is adjustable and grows with your baby. Most parents of young toddlers find that this is a feature that comes in handy especially when their kids don’t want the stroller anymore, but their little legs still can’t walk around for too long before tiring.

This carrier also has a flap on the back which flips up over the baby’s head to shield them from the sun or wind. Tula has narrow, middle and wide seat width positions and two height positions. This is a unique feature that Ergo carriers don’t offer.

Benefits for Baby

It has a mesh center panel that allows air to flow around the carrier which means that your baby will always feel cool and comfortable inside it. There is also some extra padding around the leg openings so that your baby’s legs won’t feel any discomfort no matter how long they sit in the carrier.

The ergonomic seat is designed to conform to your baby’s body providing the ultimate in comfort and support.


This carrier is one of the most comfortable carriers on the market in my opinion. Although the Tula carrier doesn’t come with crossable straps, it does have contoured straps that I think petite wearers would greatly appreciate. The straps also come with extra padding to make them more comfortable when you have to wear them for lengthy periods of time.

Quality of Materials

Tula carriers are made from woven cotton which is a lot softer than the canvas used for Ergo carriers. It’s also more breathable, making it great for those hot days out in the sun. On the flip side, this means that on cold days this may not be the ideal carrier for your baby.

It’s hard to pick one carrier over the other based on just this feature alone, and most parents may want to consider the climate where they live before making a decision.

  • Have front pocket that can hold keys, phone, or other small items
  • Comes in a wide variety of floral, animal print, and other designs
  • Easy to wear clicking belts provide more safety and security
  • Lightweight breathable materials great for warmer climates
  • Carrier hood is something of an eyesore when not in use and folded back
  • No 360 view, some babies get frustrated when they can’t look around
  • Lack of two-way adjustable straps makes adjusting shoulder straps harder

Our ERGO Pick: Ergobaby 360

Ease of Use

Ergobaby 360 has four different ways in which you can wear your baby and this helps make it easier and more comfortable for both you and your baby. Ergo Baby Omni 360 also offers narrow, middle and wide seat widths but these are based on the baby’s height.

Benefits for Baby

Because it has so many different ways for you to wear your baby, the Ergo carrier ensures your baby’s comfort no matter where you are. For instance, some parents may find that when they sit or stand, their baby fusses and demands to have their position adjusted too.

That’s where Ergo has a distinct advantage over the Tula carrier. Ergo 360 also comes with a bucket seat for optimal comfort. The carrier is designed to carry babies who weigh between 7 and 33 pounds.


Any weight becomes heavier the longer you carry it, and carrying your adorable little baby around for extended periods of time will put pressure on both of you, which is why you need to choose your carrier carefully if you want to ensure the highest level of comfort possible for both you and your baby.

Both these carriers are one-size-fits-all, which is great because no matter what size you are, you’re likely to get a fit that is suitable for you.

Ergo 360 comes with wider straps which are great for making sure that the weight is more evenly distributed across more surface area. This makes it more comfortable when worn for longer periods of time. It’s also considered by many as being more comfortable for wearers who are larger in size.

Quality of Materials

The quality of materials that your baby’s carrier is made out of will ultimately play a big role in your baby’s comfort as well as the durability of the carrier that you choose.

Ergo baby carriers are made from 100% cotton canvas. This material can get quite warm on hot days, making it uncomfortable for your baby inside the carrier. On the other hand, it provides some welcome warmth on cold days.

  • 4 different positions for carrying your baby
  • Rides lower on your body lessening the strain on shoulders and back
  • Thick waist strap for better lumbar support
  • Comes with hood for protection and privacy
  • Cushy shoulder straps
  • Thick waist strap makes it harder to get the carrier on without help
  • Velcro panel on waist strap is loud and catches clothes sometimes
  • No convenient pockets

Tula vs Ergo: Final Verdict

For parents looking for a safe, affordable, ergonomic baby carrier, either one of the two mentioned here will do a great job depending on each of your individual needs.

As the review has shown you, the Ergo and Tula baby carriers are similar in both style and price but choosing between them doesn’t have to be a hard choice.

You can easily make the decision on which one is better for you and your baby if you consider you and your baby’s needs first, but going on the features they possess alone, the Ergo Omni 360 baby carrier comes out as a clear winner (in my opinion).

I chose it as the winner for a number of reasons most important of which is the variety of carrying positions which makes the Ergo 360 ideal for busy parents with fidgety infants.

Being able to shift your baby’s position could be the difference between a content baby happily kicking away in the carrier and an uncomfortable, upset baby who just won’t settle down.

Ergo’s versatility makes it shine and if you’re looking for a carrier that will make performing tasks with your baby on the front, hip, or back easy then this carrier from Ergo is the obvious choice for you.

Also Recommended Baby Carriers From Same Brands

Although Ergo and Tula are among a lot of people’s favorites, as parents we never just look at one or two options and make a choice. When it comes to our babies, we want to be given as many options as possible so that we have the peace of mind of knowing that we made the best choice.

In that spirit, here are 5 more baby carrier options that we have researched and reviewed for your convenience. Now you don’t have to spend hours sifting through dozens of baby carriers because we’ve done that for you and brought you ones that have a wide range of features in the hopes that you will find the perfect baby carrier for your needs.

Baby Tula Free-to-Grow Newborn to Toddler Carrier

This baby carrier comes in a beautiful solid color and is an ideal choice if you want a baby carrier that is lightweight and easy to use every day. Its effortless style ensures that you always look good carrying your baby no matter what the occasion.

It’s made of cool twill material has all the necessary features of a great baby carrier including a detachable hood.

This baby carrier from Tula is specifically designed to help make it easy for active parents who love to have their babies close at all times.

This easy to use baby carrier can comfortably support weights of between 7 and 45 pounds and doesn’t need an infant insert which is great because those are an unnecessary feature, in my opinion.

It also comes with an adaptable panel that you can adjust the width and height of in order to fit your growing baby with ease. The fully adjustable shoulder straps are something that I think most moms will appreciate on those long days out with the kids.

The waistband of this Baby Tula Free to Grow carrier also adjusts to give you maximum comfort. All these features come together beautifully in a well-designed, stylish carrier that is affordable without compromising on quality or safety.

Tula Ergonomic Carrier – Urbanista – Toddler

The toddler carrier from Tula is a great option if you have a little one who demands their independence from the stroller but can’t seem to be able to walk for long periods of time.

It’s convenient for when those little legs need a break. This is an ergonomic way to support your growing child during those nature hikes or long days at the zoo.

Wherever you’re going as a family this is an ideal toddler carrier to take along with you if you want to ensure your baby’s safety and comfort. The design of this carrier makes it an ideal solution when your little one wants to take a nap while you’re waiting in line or on your way somewhere.

The Tula Ergonomic Carrier has multiple carry positions and comes in a streamlined style that is wider and taller in an effort to help provide more comfort for your toddler.

The genius of this carrier lies in its simplicity. It is made from breathable fabrics and it offers support that lasts for a weight range of 25 to 60 pounds. This is a feature that you will appreciate if you’re a parent of a larger toddler or if your child is fast leaving toddlerhood.

Ergobaby OMNI 360 All-in-One

This all-in-one newborn to toddler carrier has multiple positions to cover any situation (front parent-facing, front facing out, hip, and back carry) and it grows along with your infant from birth until 36 months.

It will support your child up to 45 pounds which means that you will be using it for years to come. It is made from quality materials that are tested to be safe and comfortable for your baby.

The ‘M’ position ergonomic seat can gradually be adjusted and ensures that your baby is comfortable no matter what position you’re carrying them in. The back panel is versatile and extendable.

This is a particularly great feature that I think parents of younger babies will appreciate as they can fold the panel back to provide head support for their little ones. Left unfolded, the flap provides extra support for your baby’s back.

This carrier provides maximum comfort for you as well by giving you more lumbar support. The waist belt comes with double adjusters to easily tighten it and lessen the strain on your back.

If you’re a parent who’s always on the go and you’re in the market for a carrier that is versatile and provides the utmost comfort, then this could be the ideal choice for you.

Ergobaby Adapt Cool Air Mesh

Ergo Adapt is another great product from a well-known brand with a focus on providing quality baby products. It’s easy to use for carrying your newborn or toddler in an ergonomic and comfortable way.

It doesn’t require an insert and the seat can be adjusted gradually as your infant baby grows into a toddler.

The multiple carry positions are designed to ensure total comfort for you and your baby no matter what activity you may be involved in. The straps are made with extra padding at the shoulders to help reduce strain when carrying your baby for lengthy periods.

The crisscross option helps petite moms to get an accurate fit (which I totally appreciate being a petite mom myself).

The material that the baby carrier is made of is breathable cool air mesh, which is great if you live in hot climates as it will help to keep your baby cool inside the carrier.

Another great feature of this carrier is that it’s adaptable to fit all types of parents big or small. This is a wonderful feature as it means that everyone in the family can share in the joy of babywearing.

Ergobaby Multi-Position Baby Carrier with X-Large Storage Pocket

This award-winning premium Original baby carrier is a great choice if you want a carrier for use both around the house and on the go.

This baby carrier is a global bestseller that has a large pocket to carry all your baby’s essentials (or yours if you’d rather have your phone or wallet and keys in there).

The ergonomic seat design ensures maximum comfort for your baby even during long rides. This carrier offers multiple carry positions making it ideal for active parents and babies on the go.

The durable, long-wearing padded straps and waistbelt make this an obvious choice if you’re searching for a baby carrier that you can wear for long periods of time with reduced strain on your back, neck, and shoulders.

The width of the straps also helps to distribute the baby’s weight evenly on your hips and shoulders making you better able to carry your little one for longer.

Important Features To Look For In A Baby Carrier

Here is a list of features that you should look for in a baby carrier (Ergo and Tula have all of these).

Weight Range

The weight range is an important factor to look out for especially if you’re going to want to use the carrier for a long time. Most come in the 7-45 pounds range meaning that you can use the carrier from newborn until your infant graduates to toddlerhood.

Carrying Positions

Tula has 2 positions – Front Carry (where the baby is facing the parent) and Back Carry.

Ergo, on the other hand, has 4 positions – Front Carry (baby facing parent), Front Carry (baby facing out), Back Carry, as well as Hip Carry.

Lumbar Support

Ergo Omni 360 offers stellar lumbar support via the wider-than-normal section of the waist belt in the back of the baby carrier while Tula offers a standard waist.

If you are going to be carrying your baby for long periods of time, then it’s worth taking the time to ensure that your choice of carrier will support your lower back well.

Crossable Shoulder Straps

Petite moms can get a better, more secure fit if the carrier that they choose has crossable shoulder straps. Ergo 360 has crossable shoulder straps but the Tula baby carrier does not.

Sun Protection

A good carrier has a hood for protecting your baby from the sun or wind or even for use when breastfeeding in the carrier. It’s even more convenient when the hood can be stowed away whenever it’s not in use.

Infant Insert

Both the Ergo and Tula models don’t need an infant insert which is great in my opinion because they are just a cumbersome addition that raises your baby’s temperature when you’re out and about.

Adjustable Seat Width

It’s always great if you can get a carrier with adjustable seat width. This comes in handy as your baby grows. Both the carriers featured in this Tula vs Ergo review have some degree of seat width adjustment.

360 Degree View

Your baby should be able to see not only the person carrying them but also have a view of what’s going on around them. Ergo offers a full 360-degree view while Tula only allows a parent-facing limited view.


The fabric used to make your baby’s carrier is another important consideration especially if you are concerned about the safety of the material since it will be in such close contact with your baby’s skin for long periods of time.

Tula is made from breathable and light’ twill. Ergo, on the other hand, is made of 100% premium cotton.


The carrier you choose should have at least one pocket for the convenience of storing some of the baby’s smaller items that you may need on the go.

Easy Cleaning

Choosing a machine washable carrier is a good idea if you want to ensure that it stays clean all the time. Both the brands in our review are machine-washable.

Now that you know what features are the most important in a baby carrier, let’s jump into the detailed review of two of the most popular baby carrier options on the market.

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