Owlet Baby Monitor: Smart Sock 2

Every parent wants to know that their baby is okay during the night when they are all asleep or during the day when the baby is asleep and they are doing something else elsewhere, hence the need for the Owlet baby monitor to help curb sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

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The Review: Owlet Baby Monitor: Smart Sock 2

The Owlet Baby Monitor Smart Sock 2 is a leading device that helps to monitor the baby’s heartbeat rate and oxygen saturation levels.

It stands out from all the other appliances that have been designed to function domestically to monitor a baby’s heartbeat rate and oxygen levels and is the most advisable choice for any parent or guardian who wishes to ensure that their child is constantly in good condition during his or her sleep times.

Comes in the form of a smart sock, a base station and a mobile application that make it a full package. The sock is worn on either one of the feet of the baby because it contains an attached smart sock sensor which is actually the working device on that sock. The sensor has a rechargeable battery which can serve for up to 18 hours.

The base station uses lights, sounds and application notifications to keep the parent informed. When a green light is displayed, it means that the bay is in perfect condition and so the parent can relax.

In the event of an emergency say the baby cannot breathe properly or the heartbeat rate is exaggerated, the base station will sound a characteristic alarm that will immediately notify the parent or guardian that the baby needs urgent attention.

There is also a mobile application that sends notifications to the parent keeping them knowledgeable of what is happening. The application also bears the option of online support where the parent or guardian can chat with the customer support staff and make inquiries concerning the device.

The connection that makes these three a package is achieved wirelessly by Bluetooth connection and so functioning is coordinated and synchronized at all times.

The sock is also very comfortable and soft and can be worn beneath pajamas or other socks. The fabric part of the sock is washable and requires disassembly from the electric part before washing.

It comes in three different sizes that will serve and grow the baby until its third year as estimated by the developers.

Reduces the Chances of Sudden Infant Death

The Owlet baby monitor comes with a smart sock sensor, that makes it great because it monitors the baby’s real-time heartbeat rate and also the real-time oxygen saturation levels.

You are thus able to know when the baby is restless or struggling to breathe and hence have a chance to take necessary measures before the worst happens.

Parent’s Comfortability

Another good feature is that the monitor comes with a base station that is placed next to the parent’s bed and is wirelessly connected to the sock. When the monitor detects the abnormality in the baby’s oxygen levels and heart rate, the base station sets off an alarm to notify the parent.

Knowing this as a parent, you are able to sleep better knowing that your baby is sleeping well and that in case of anything, you will get notified.

For parents who have trouble sleeping because of constant worry concerning their sleeping newborn maybe because of a health condition, you can now sleep comfortably because the device will monitor the baby for you.

In the event that you wake up in the middle of the night, a green glow on the base station will serve to let you know that all is well with the baby.

Easy to Clean

Another awesome feature of the Owlet baby monitor is that the sock is easy to wash because the electric parts of it are removable. This is great because when the sock gets dirty, you remove the electric components of the sock then simply put the fabric part of it into the washing machine. Put it back together once the fabric is dry.

Comes in Different Sizes

The Owlet baby monitor is also amazing because you do not have to worry about the baby outgrowing the monitor sock because the sock comes in three different sizes.

The first one will take the baby up to his or her the second month, the second size will be used between the third and the twelfth month, while the last piece will go up to the third year of the baby.


Another great feature to note about this owlet baby monitor is that the sock is very soft so the baby will not be uncomfortable when it is on. It is also light and hence can be worn under pajamas or beneath another sock, thus the baby remains warm.


A bonus feature of the Owlet baby monitor device is that it comes with a 45 days grace period so that in case it malfunctions before this time, you can rest easy and take it back and have it replaced.

Longer Battery Life

The owlet baby monitors 2 have a longer battery life of up to 18 hours, unlike other baby monitors which have shorter battery life.

This is convenient in case you forget to charge the battery or when there is no source of power due to an unprecedented occurrence of blackouts.

Mobile Application

The Owlet baby monitor is different from other baby monitors because it has an application that you can install on your smartphone.

When you synchronize this baby monitor with the application so that their functions are coordinated, you can receive the notifications on the baby’s heartbeat rate and oxygen levels directly on your smartphone.

Online Support

The Owlet baby monitor is also different because it allows for online support through the chat section that is found within the mobile application.

Here you can get online support from the customer service by making enquirers, sharing experiences and even asking questions and getting answers in real-time.

Smart Sock

The Owlet baby monitor Smart Sock 2 is presently the most innovative monitor. It uses a clinically tested and approved technology that involves a pulse oximetry.

This pulse oximetry reaches the standards of the pulse oximetry mechanics that are used in most hospitals. This attribute may not be found in many other baby monitors.

Best Way To Use The Product

It is recommended that the device is kept charged at all times especially when the baby is about to sleep.

Make sure that the battery life is enough to keep the baby monitor running throughout the time when the baby will be asleep. If possible, use the time when the baby is awake to charge the battery.

The Owlet baby monitor is also not supposed to be used when the baby is in a constant state of motion. Its working will be faulty when the baby is moving because movement will alter the heartbeat rate due to exhaustion and the oxygen saturation levels will also be at an imbalance due to movement.

The smart sock is made in such a way that it can be worn on either one of the baby’s foot. It is important to be keen to assemble the components of the sock in the right way after you clean the fabric part of the sock.

It is also important to note that the sock should be maintained clean at all times to prevent the baby from getting sick or irritated.



It has been said that the Owlet baby monitor is too expensive and that most parents cannot afford it. However, considering the personal experience that I have had with this baby monitor is very much worth its price.

It May Slip Off

The sock may slip off when the baby is asleep and so the whole concept that this monitor stands for may not work.

This can be avoided by ensuring that the sock is worn just tight enough to make sure that it does not strain the baby or interfere with the blood flow while at the same time making sure that it does not come off when the baby is asleep.

Must Charge Daily

This device can store up to its charge up to 18 hours and so there is no need to charge daily unless the baby sleeps for over 18 hours in a day.

Conclusion: Is The Owlet Baby Monitor Smart Sock 2 the Right Choice for You?

The Owlet baby monitor has helped save the lives of many children. It has also saved many parents from a lot of stress and worry by giving them reassurance that their babies are sleeping safe and sound.

The knowledge that they will know whenever their children are uncomfortable is a priceless gift that any parent would appreciate so that they can immediately take action to bring the baby to rest or restore comfort or seek medical attention depending on the situation.

Compared to other forms of baby monitoring devices, Owlet baby monitor provides the solution to many of the issues parents have been having with their babies during their sleep time.

Most infants usually die in their sleep and there is no way parents can spend all night every night by the crib constantly watching their children while they sleep.

It is therefore very necessary to employ the use of the Owlet baby monitor that will watch over the baby all through the hours of sleep. Every parent deserves the Owlet baby monitor.

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