Non-Toxic Baby Toys

Finding the perfect toys for your baby can be difficult. There are a variety of toys available on the market, and sometimes these toys contain harmful ingredients and contain toxic paints or low-quality materials.

What makes shopping for baby toys even more disconcerting is that often toys made in factories in countries like China do not have quality and safety standards that are regularly followed.

Parents who have made the decision that they want to make sure they only give safe toys to their babies know the importance of purchasing non-toxic baby toys.

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HABA Kringelring Wooden Baby Rattle & Clutching Toy

What I really like about this product is that this wooden baby rattle features an intensely soothing rattling sound which helps to calm and enchant a baby.

The rainbow colors and BPA-free plastic rings really help to keep the baby happy while playing with this rattle.

Add to this the fact that its good for teething babies and it is not too big, it makes a great toy to keep on hand and in the to-go diaper bag.

It is really nice to have at the doctor’s office and on car rides because it really helping with the calming baby.

  • The benefits of this non-toxic wooden toy are that is it smaller and easy to take with you on the go
  • It’s been tested in both the US and Europe and is approved with the highest safety ratings so you do not have to worry about parts breaking off or toxic plastic
  • The wooden parts can come apart slightly on the ring and thus create the potential for your baby’s little fingers or lips to become caught between the plastic pieces if they are teething heavily

Natural Unfinished Wooden Peg Doll Bodies

These non-toxic wooden dolls are great for younger children and toddlers.

They are made of natural wood and contain no toxic chemicals and are not made in China.

This makes me feel more comfortable offering them to my children.

I like that they allow a toddler to be creative and we can use paint or pretend to make a family with them.

  • The nice thing about these wooden dolls is that they take paint well and are great for fun arts and crafts activities
  • They are made in the USA and contain absolutely no toxic materials
  • Some of the dollars in the set are smaller than most parents would feel comfortable with very small babies playing with unattended

Classic Wooden Shape Sorter Toy

This is a great all-around toy for babies and young toddlers. My kids love this one, because of the smooth texture and beautiful colors.

It gives them the opportunity to solve a problem and is great for keeping them engaged in play for a period of time.

All the paint used in this toy is completely non-toxic.

Another thing that really wins me over with this toy is its durability.

I know it is well-made and will be a toy that I can potentially pass down to my own kids, because of it’s high-quality craftsmanship.

  • One of the unique features of this toy is the carrying strap which makes it portable
  • Great for taking to picnics or to the park
  • Quality of the design
  • Sometimes this toy can cause frustration for some of the older children, because of the hinged top
  • If the top is turned sideways the toys will fall out
  • Some of the shapes can be slightly difficult to fit in the holes

Hape Gourmet Play Kitchen Starter Accessories Wooden Play Set

This Hape Gourmet Play Kitchen set is a really great set that can be trusted not to fall apart or start paint chipping.

It features toys made from wood and bamboo and a salt and pepper shaker that make a real shaking sound.

Another great feature of this set is that the colors are gender-neutral, so they are perfect for both boys and girls to play with.

It’s one of our favorite non-toxic toy sets for under $20.

  • This kitchen play set is made from nontoxic materials and is safe for children
  • Parents do not have to worry about chipping paint or parts breaking
  • The pieces stand up to everyday play and are appropriate for boys and girls
  • Made in China
  • Post and pans are quite small
  • If you think your kids will be upset by not being able to fit toys inside the pans you may be unhappy if you decide to purchase this set

HABA Magica Clutching Toy

This interesting toy features wooden balls in bright fun colors made with non-toxic paints.

One reason I love this toy is that it allows my child to be able to move the balls and even when she was younger she liked watching me play with the balls and it helped us interact together.

This is one of my favorite car toys because it keeps my daughter busy while we drive, and the fact that it is under $20 is great for staying on budget.

I like that it helps children learn how to grab onto things and figure out how to move things.

  • A high-quality product that is made in Germany
  • It is smaller than similar toys available on the market and therefore it is easier for the children to play with
  • Made specifically for teething babies and can stand up to most toddlers’ regular play
  • Suitable for teething, but it may not stand up to throwing or hitting
  • It is hard and can hurt if someone gets hit in the head
  • Not the best toy to have around multiple high-strung children

Melissa & Doug Car Carrier Truck and Cars Wooden Toy Set With 1 Truck and 4 Cars

This is a fabulous truck and car set. One of the features is that the cars can be used on standard wooden train tracks and that makes it a great addition to our toy chest because it can be used with our other sets.

The toy doesn’t have any sharp edges and stands up great to heavy play and use.

Children love this toy and it quickly became a favorite, because of the various capabilities and design of the tow truck.

It offers lots of fun and engagement and for these reasons, it’s picked as a top non-toxic toy under $20.

  • No chipping paint and multi-use cars
  • Easy for children to use and figure out how to work the parts
  • After awhile the cars may start to roll off the back of the tow truck when a child is trying to push the truck forward which can cause some frustration

Organic Wood Montessori Styled Baby Rattle by Homi Baby- Perfect Grasping Teething Toy for Toddlers

This handmade wooden rattle is incredibly smooth and gentle on baby’s fingers and gums.

It is completely handmade, organic and very safe for baby, which is why it is one of our top picks for toys under $20.

This is a soothing toy that provides an enjoyable sound made from the wooden rings in the middle of the rattle.

  • This rattle has a very high-quality product with a super smooth finish
  • Design allows parents to feel safe giving this rattle to their young babies
  • Handmade in the USA
  • If either end of the rattle becomes detached from this rattle it can present a choking hazard
  • This rattle is best used with parental supervision

Organic Cotton Baby First Friend

This product in the under $20 category features only super safe fabrics and is a good size for a baby.

Its size and softness are perfect for calming the baby during a trip to the doctor or while out in the stroller.

  • The size of this puppy toy is perfect for a child to hold and cuddle
  • It is made of 100% natural organic cotton and contains no GMOs or other chemicals
  • Does not contain any synthetic fibers
  • The only potential issues with this toy is that it is not flame retardant
  • A bit too big for newborns, and better for children ages 3 months and older

Baby Teething Toys – BPA Free Natural Organic Freezer Safe Teether Set

They come in a 5 pack which allows parents to easily freeze the toys and then give them to the baby throughout the day.

This plastic features varied textures that help the baby to deal with teething pain.

  • These teething toys are made from safe BPA-Free non-toxic plastic
  • You can also wash these in the dishwasher
  • These toys are slightly thinner than some of the other product available on the market and can be more difficult for smaller children
  • Are not a made in the USA toy so some parents may not be comfortable receiving these as a gift

Green Toys Seaplane in Green Color- BPA Free

This toy is environmentally friendly and made with all non-toxic ingredients.

It is made from recycled plastic milk jugs.

It is a great toy for bath time because it floats, and kids love playing with the big green plane. Our top pick for under $20 bath time toy.

  • A nontoxic BPA free baby toy that is environmentally friendly and features a smooth plastic design that is safe for children’s bath time play
  • This is a larger toy and some children may be put off by the size

RaZbaby RaZ-Berry Silicone Teether

This teether is shaped like raspberry and has small nubs on the surface which help babies experiencing teething pain.

The teether is a favorite for babies who like pacifiers as it is similarly shaped.

It is made from 100 percent food-grade silicone that is BPA free which makes it a great choice for discerning parents.

  • Designed for smaller hands and is easy for younger babies to hold. Its nubs provide comfort for teething pain and it can be frozen
  • The two-color raspberry design is more likely to break in two that single colored items with the same design

Crayola 6 Count 8 oz. Washable Kids Fingerpaints

The product is designed for children age four and up and is very easy to clean up and wash off.

  • One of the main pros of this Crayola finger paint set is how easy it is to clean up
  • Includes six colors that are all nontoxic and safe for children
  • The consistency of this finger paint is not always the same, some bottles may be too tick and others may be too thin

Bearington Baby Lil’ Spout Snuggler

What is great about this lovey is that it provides different textures for baby to cuddle with and touch.

All the textures are soft and super comforting which helps to calm baby.

  • The super soft plush materials are beloved by babies and help to calm baby before sleep
  • Some of the materials could get damaged by rough use
  • It is recommended for light use and should be handled and washed with some care
  • The ribbons are more likely to begin fraying after months of use

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Plan Toys Assorted Fruits and Vegetables

Nontoxic wooden food set in our $20-$50 categories which can be a great addition to a home kitchen set.

Watching the children delight over learning to cut their own fruits and vegetables is almost as much fun as they have with this set.

The toys feature Velcro which keeps them together and allows children to slice through them with the wooden knife. It features vibrant colors made from safe water-based dyes.

  • Set is made of all safe materials and is durable and fun for children
  • The parts are very small and can present a choking hazard
  • Make sure that you follow the suggestions for age limits which is 3+

Plan Toy Tea Set

This set is environmentally friendly because it is made using wood from rubber trees.

The set includes a teapot, sugar bowl, creamer jug, teacups, saucers, and spoon.

It’s really cute that they actually include tea bags and sugar cubes in the set when you purchase it, which is perfect for tea time with your little one.

  • This tea set is very small so it fits perfectly into the little hands of your toddler
  • Environmentally friendly and very durable
  • Gender neutral, which makes it perfect for both your boys and girls
  • You should not put real liquids in this tea set
  • This set is so small you should only plan on your children using it for a limited time

Melissa & Doug Service Station Parking Garage With 2 Wooden Cars and Drive

This is a great toy set for children who may usually get distracted from their toys.

It has a variety of moving parts and helps to engage children into playing for a long period of time.

The parking garage and car wash give them a variety of ways to play with this toy.

The durability and craftsmanship make this a toy you will likely use for many years.

  • One of the great features of this set is the handle that allows you to easily carry it with you
  • This is great for taking to the park or on a visit with grandparents
  • Durable and can last through rough play
  • Some of the parts can be difficult to replace if they are damaged or lost

36 Piece ABC Foam Mat- Alphabet & Number Puzzle Play & Flooring Mat for Children & Toddlers

This playmat is made from nontoxic EVA foam.

It is super durable and easy to clean. It features bright colors and comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee.

  • This mat meets safety standards and is made from quality nontoxic materials
  • The mat is slightly more light than other mats available on the market and some children are able to remove the letter and numbers more easily

Honeysticks 100% Pure Beeswax Crayons

These crayons are made from 100% New Zealand Beeswax.

One great thing about these crayons is that they break less than normal crayons.

This makes them a winner for the price and they are safely made without paraffin wax. Need more non-toxic crayons picks? Check our complete review.

  • Crayons are made from quality beeswax
  • They do not contain fillers or paraffin wax, nor do they contain any of the top eight allergens
  • Their colors are better than some of the other products available on the market
  • These are not as likely to be able to be washed from walls or table tops
  • If your child frequently draws in places they are not allowed, you may want to consider a different brand of crayon

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EverEarth Garden Activity Cube. Wood Shape & Color Sorter, Bead Maze & Counting Baby Toy

The entire EverEarth design is non toxic and safe for children.

It provides endless fun and actively engages children. The wood is highly durable and contains beautiful vibrant colors.

  • The company is focused on creating great products while following environmentally friendly manufacturing processes
  • For each EverEarth Garden Activity Cube sold the company will plant a tree
  • It features beautiful colors and fun play which entertains children for long periods of time
  • This product contains small parts which can be a choking hazard
  • Make sure to apply by the 3+ recommendation and supervise your children while they play with this activity cube

Kidzone Baby Playpen Kids 8 Panel Safety Play Center Yard Home Indoor Outdoor Pen

Has eight interchangeable panels and it has bright bold colors.

It is stable when put together and you will not need to worry about your child knocking over the sides. It is BPA and lead-free.

  • This playpen has an easy setup. It is stable and does not fall over easily
  • There are opening which may allow for baby’s legs to get stuck in
  • This is a good playpen option if you are able to supervise your child during play


Overall while some parents might think that purchasing it is going out of the way to purchase non-toxic baby toys, it really comes down to doing smart shopping.

You can easily find great toys for under $20 and seen in some of our favorites we’ve reviewed, such as the Classic Wooden Shape Sorter Toy with Hinged Lid & Carrying Strap. There are various options available on the market to accommodate any budget.

There is no reason to feel guilty for giving your child the best products that you know will help them grow and learn in a positive and safe way.

The Truth about Non-Toxic Baby Toys

Most people think that toys made for babies would be safe for babies. Unfortunately, this is not the case and it creates a major problem for parents who want to give their children the best upbringing possible.

Parents feel stuck between offering their children toys and potentially offering them a toxic ball that will go immediately into their mouths.

Manufacturers truly understand parents’ dilemmas and have incorporated safe practices into their toy production that ensures that parents can purchase anything from teethers to teddies without having to question if the processes involved in production involve cheaping out on the materials.

Some parents worry that finding these toys will be expensive and put them in a precarious financial situation if they decide to go the safer route and purchase from companies that invest in the future of children.

Happily, this is not always the case. Parents can find non-toxic toys on almost any budget, and in fact, there are a variety of future-looking companies that offer well-made products for parents.

How to Pick Non-Toxic Baby Toys

You want to pick toys that are free from toxic chemicals and avoid plastics that contain BPA, PVC and lead and paints that contain heavy metals. Also, consider avoiding synthetic fibers in fabrics.

Parents looking for the best fabrics will likely choose all-natural cotton and nonsynthetic materials like bamboo or wools.

Certain materials are safer than others, wooden toys that are made from bamboo, walnut, alder, beech or maple and are not covered in paints or stains that contain harmful toxins are likely the best toys for baby.

Make sure that the wooden toys you purchase only to use non-toxic colors. Some parents feel wooden toys don’t provide all of the fun and needs for their children. For this reason, some parents do allow their children to play with plastic toys.

When choosing these plastic toys, parents should stick to toys that are made from 100% food-grade silicone and plastic that is completely BPA free.

In addition to purchasing new toys from manufacturers who only produce toys with the highest safety standards, it is important to make sure you don’t have old toys lying around that could pose a safety threat for your child.

Toys that are hand-me-downs or gifts should be inspected and if need be tossed into the garbage. Products that contain lead often get recalled by the manufacturer, so it is important to check if toys that you already own have a recall warning.

Make sure to check toys twice and to sign up to receive recall emails when you make your toy purchases.

Why Some Parents Only Buy Made in the USA Non-Toxic Baby Toys

In the United States, the Consumer Product Safety Commission ensures that toys do not contain harmful substances and chemicals.

Many parents refuse to purchase products that are made in other countries where the manufacturing process has less strict standards and enforcement of regulations can be non-existent.

To some parents, even the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s regulations are not as stringent as they would like, and sometimes toys are actually allowed by the CPSC to contain some levels of toxic chemicals.

Toy manufacturers from the United States are more likely to ensure that their products only use paints that are completely safe and to provide handmade toys.

International Non-Toxic Baby Toy Manufacturers

There are companies in other countries that understand the importance of providing only the safest high-quality toys for children.

These companies often make their toys from hand as well or use locally sourced bamboo to provide high-quality goods for parents around the world who are looking to provide safe products to their children.

We have a great list of non-toxic baby toys that and perfect for parents and grandparents who want to only give their children toys that they know to be safe.

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