End Of The Year Activities Kids Will Love

You all deserve to have a little fun during the last days! It’s time to plan some fun activities, lessons, and effective ideas. Themed days are so much fun for the kids. Planning the end of the school year will keep your students busy during the last weeks of school. Enjoy these creative ways to celebrate and close out the end of the year. Help and guide our children to stay on track this summer. Make some memories, get outside and start celebrating summer!

1. Beach Paradise At Classroom

Make each of the ends of the year activities more fun. You can turn your classroom into a learning beach paradise! Have kids bring a towel and wear a swimsuit. For some cool ideas look here.

2. Camping Day

Transform the classroom into a camping space. You can create a huge classroom tent. Bring in classroom sleeping bags and lanterns. Look here for inspiration.

3. Game Day

A chance to play and chat with their friends before the long break. The project was developed to increase students’ communication and social skills. Enjoy the games.

4. A Class Awards Ceremony

This event has become so popular. You can watch the movies together and dresses up like a character from a famous movie. For some ideas look here.

5. Arts Day

One of those activities that many students love. Enjoy a joyous expression of our students’ creative energies. Check here.

6. Travel Day In The Classroom

Taking your class on a trip without leaving the classroom. Make groups of children around the classroom for different countries or states. A great way to extend your geography knowledge. Read more here.

7. Talent Day

Everyone has a talent so make a day to celebrate those unique talents. Kids use the talents they already have. It can be fun and crazy events. Look here for some inspiration.

8. Charity Day- Wear It Pink!

Show students support for a certain charity knowing that we are here to help, and have tons of fun together at the same time! Read more here.

9.  A Book Day

Create a classroom library. Letting students help decide the categories. Here are pictures of the completed library area.

10. Superhero Day

Tell the students that they need to create their own superhero. Write or draw a full description of the following points: their superhero name, what they fight against, their costume, their special ability and their weakness. Read more.

11. Scrabble Tournament

Organize a large group of students to spell out something using letters. This can be fun because they can form different words throughout the day! A fun way to engage students. Check here.

12. A Twin Day

Having a Twin Day at school can encourage a sense of community and fun with matching outfits. Students can simply choose a friend and dress similarly or identically. Read more here.

13. Pajama Day

Be creative and make a cozy atmosphere that includes sleeping bags, blankets, favorite storybooks, milk, and cookies. Teachers can send each student home with a “You’re Invited To A Classroom Pajama Party!” invitation. How to planning Pajama Party read here.

14. Patriot Day

Plan to all wear red, white, and blue and take an extra long moment of silence, maybe some patriotic songs. Make an American flag with students. Read more here.

15. St. Patrick’s Day

Here are art projects tried and tested by busy moms. Check out all St Patrick Day awesome ideas you can create with your little ones.

16. Vegetable Activities Day

There’s a little bit of everything here- vegetable math, science, literacy, art projects, recipes. These ideas are helpful if you plan a vegetable theme for preschool. For some great ideas look here.

17. Teacher Look Alike Day

Organize a day when Students dress like their favorite teacher! This day was created as a fun day to look like another person. Do you already look like someone? Check here.

18. School Carnival Day

School carnivals are popular with students and bring a lot of fun and help bring a school community together. Check out and discover the many ways to design and create a fun school carnival. Here are some ideas.

19. Crazy Weather Day

A great way to learn about weather symbols, talk about the different types of weather. Have students dress for snowstorms or rainstorms. For Printable Weather Themed check here.

20. Outdoor Classroom Day

A day of outdoor learning and play! Outdoor Classroom Day is an all-day educational event that takes place at schools, parks, and in backyards. Taking kids outside can improve their social skills, problem-solving skills, team working skills. Check more here.

21. Classroom Debate Day

You should try having a classroom debate. Debates show students presentation skills, research, teamwork, and public speaking. How to prepare a good Debate read here.

22. Create Labels

Make folder labels like unfinished work, writing folder, and warm up folder. Printed and stuck on the front of a class set of folders. This is a great way to help to learn how to organize.

23. A Balloon Countdown Days

Before summer break, the last 10 days are always so fun. You can pop a balloon each morning and start a balloon countdown with students. Read more here.

24. Celebration Alphabet Party

If you teach kindergarten the Alphabet Party is a great idea. Just label items with the letter they begin with. For some inspiration take a look.

25. Garden of Greatness Wall

Celebrates each child in the classroom on bulletin board. It will remind students of their uniqueness. Each student can make a list of things that are good at, things that made them feel important, or things that made them feel unique and special. Read more here.


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