Amazing DIY Christmas Gifts homemade

Today we’ve rounded up 30 DIY Christmas Gifts that anyone can make.

1. Personalized Photo Candles

A great way to make a Christmas gift for your parents. With less than 15 minutes-all you need is a color copy of your photo and packing tape. If you like it see here how to make it.

2. Make Homemade Drawer Sachets

This gift keeps your clothes from bad smelling and it is cute and easy to make. How to make it look here.

3. Gold Leaf Notebooks

To have a good organization and make some memories you need this unique notebook. All that matters to you is recorded in one place- your notebook and you can carry it with you wherever you go. If you like the idea,  look here.

4. Picture Frame Memory Wreath

Have your family and friends at the same place – let them together and remind you of the beautiful moments in life. How to make personal picture wreath look here. 

5. Homemade Bubble Bath

Freshly, scented and still personalized- best gift for a birthday, wedding day or bridesmaid gift. Look here if you like the idea.

6. Infused  Flavor Vodkas

Surprise your loved friends with different flavors and have fun. Try something new! Look here for recipes.

7. Homemade Delicious Jams

Home cooked jams are an absolutely delicious gift. Make pancakes and enjoy. Bon appetit! Recipes are here.

8. Bike Basket

Make one totally different gift for your mother in law. For some ideas look here. 

9. Personal Couple Clock

Choose one nice photo of your loved ones and make them special Christmas gift. The tutorial is here.

10. Lemon Sugar Scrub

Give your skin a delicious scrub and feel so happy and clean. Enjoy the scent and grab some time for yourself. How to make it, read here. 

11. Candy Sleighs

Good choice! They were fun to make. Candys are a perfect solution for kids and some adults too :). How to make it, read here.

12. Contemporary Holiday Gift Wrapping

Be unique! Elegant and chic wrapping idea to dazzle your friends and family. Read here for some ideas.

13. Upside Down Wicker Basket

A tree stand that won’t kill your modern decor vibes. Totally chic Christmas set-up. More ideas find here.

14. Wood Grain Flask


Perfect gift for dad, brother, friend or boyfriend. Look here for inspiration.

15. Wood Slice Magnets

You can choose a lot of motives depending on which person is intended. Cute and easy to make, look here.

16. Upcycled CD Christmas Ornament

Adding some sparkle and shine to your Christmas tree. Make it from CDs. Check here.

17. Birth Stats Ornament

Let’s make memories for your newborn. Is perfect for a New Mommy or as an adoption gift for the new parents. Children’s handprints make some wonderful gifts for family. Read here for more.

18. Charming Bookmarks

These homemade Christmas ideas are the perfect gift for friends or neighbors. How to make and what you’ll need read here.

19. Jewelry Magnets

Making (and then hanging) these adorable magnets for the whole family. How to make read here.

20. Pressed Flowers

Inspiration from Christmas celebrations at grandma’s house. Read more about the method here.

21. Chocolate Chip & Oatmeal Quick Bread Mix Jar

Such a cool idea! All of the ingredients that you need are inside. People love bread but never think about making them. With this gift, they have no excuses! Look here for some ideas.

22. Chalkboard Paint Dipped Wine Glasses

Lovely! A homemade gift that encourages relaxation! Only for adults. Click for tutorial.

23. Manicure In Jar

Simple girls stuff can be used to create beautiful gifts like this useful jar. Be creative. For some ideas look here.

24. Eggshell Photo Frame

The idea of creating something using nothing but a few crafts supplies, lots of time, and loads of love.
That is what gift giving is all about! Check here.

25. Book Travel-Tech Organizer

To be more organized! It’s perfect for keeping track of the weekly to-do lists, meetings, and appointments. Here’s some inspiration.

26. Oversized Knit Blanket

The perfect gift for that friend or family member who’s always cold. Keep them warm with some colorful blanket for cozy nights.  Read more here. 

27. Fabric Tablet Case

I must remind you, the Holidays are just around the corner, and these make great things to sew for gifts for family members of all ages. It’s a useful way to use up smaller pieces of fabric, and most of them are quick to make. They all have helpful picture tutorials to follow too, so even beginners can have a go.

28. Alphabet Mug

I can almost smell the fresh coffee scent of this homemade gift. Personalize text however you wish! For some ideas look here.

29. Flower Framed Mirror

Such a cool idea! Take some time and be creative. Make a special gift for your sister or friends. Here’s how you can make it.

30. Luggage Tag

Use a fun, bright tag to help your bag stand out in baggage claim and lead you back to your suitcase should it ever get lost. Here’s some inspiration.


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