Best Space Heater for Baby and Nursery Room

There’s nothing more important than our beloved ones, right? Especially if we’re talking about our babies, to whom we must provide all the conditions to make them feel comfortable and happy.

In those cold months, the mini heater personnel can become a great ally, helping us to create pleasant environments for our babies. Through this guide, we’ll learn a little more about space heaters, and how we can choose the one that is the best space heater for baby and nursery room.

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Our Pick: Room Space Heater by Homegear

What I consider great about this nursery heater is that it’s very quiet, which makes it perfect for the baby’s room.

It also has the advantage that it heats up very quickly because it has two types of infrared tubes: quartz and mica. Another feature that I found very convenient was the remote control because it would allow us to control the temperature of the baby’s room from ours.

There’s something I like very much, and that is that you can configure a lower level of energy consumption, going from 15 amps to 13 amps; that allows me to use it at places where the electrical installations are not so modern.

The dimensions are excellent to carry in the car (12-inch x 13-inch x 17 inches), and can be used anywhere we go to sleep the baby. Definitely, heater combines portability, with a nice design and great functionality.

  • With an output of 5,100 BTU, it heats spaces up to 1500 square feet
  • It has 2 types of heating tubes for faster heating
  • Lower settings avoid the breakers tripping because it uses fewer energy
  • ETL Certified
  • When you press them, the buttons do beep
  • No Casters
  • The cord is short, just 6 FT long

Runner-Up: Vortex Heater with Automatic Climate Control by Vornado

One of the things I like about the Vornado AVH10 baby space heater is the auto-climate control because the device maintains the temperature you want in the baby’s room without having to worry.

In addition, The Vortex Action I find it wonderful for the baby’s room because it distributes the heat evenly.

I also like the fact that the unit keeps its surfaces cool at all times, even when it’s operating at the highest level, which makes it ideal for a room where there are children. I think it’s a great unit to travel, because it’s super-compact, and it has a space to save the power cord at the bottom.

The 2 heat settings (1500/750-Watt) are an excellent idea, because one can heat a whole space, or can specifically direct the heat to a specific point or person. Simple, but quite functional, safe and powerful.

  • The auto climate control helps keep the room temperature stable
  • The “Vortex Action” distributes the heat gently throughout the room
  • It has an excellent 5-year warranty
  • Safety shut-off system
  • No remote control
  • Small handle grip
  • Doesn’t have a timer

Bang For The Buck: Nursery Heater by Vornadobaby

What I like most about this device is that it stays cool no matter what level of operation it’s in, which makes it extremely safe for babies and children.

I also find it super useful that the fan has two speeds because sometimes it’s not necessary so much heat for the baby.

This space heater regulates the temperature alone, and we don’t have to worry about it.

As I said before, the Vortex Action seems to be an intelligent and useful system, because it keeps the whole room warm evenly. This appliance is very good, because it is designed for nursing, and takes in mind the safety of children at all times.

  • The Curiosity-proof child lock switch makes the device really safe for children
  • Tip-over protection
  • Allows spreading the heat gently over the room
  • 5-year Happy Parent Guarantee
  • Heater clicks at night
  • The green light flashes when it loses connection with the remote. Is very bright and annoying
  • The remote is less than 10ft away

Budget: Ceramic Baby Space Heater by Utopia Home

This nursery heater seems quite simple to use, and that’s good because you don’t have to get too involved with it, and you can dedicate yourself to something else.

It’s also awesome that despite being simple, the fan has two speeds which are good because one can regulate the flow of hot air inside the room, for greater comfort of the baby.

Of all the units that I have seen, it’s the one with the best price/value ratio I’ve found, and it seems great because sometimes we don’t want to spend all our budget only on the heater. Economical, powerful and functional.

  • Safety PTC heating element
  • Two output powers, which allows heating entire spaces, or simply specific points
  • Easy to operate
  • Gets hot
  • No timer
  • The power cord is not stored in the unit and is loose, it’s uncomfortable

Also Great: Portable Baby Heater by Tenergy

One of the things I love the most about this model is the tilt function of the fan because we can control where the heat is going to point.

The other feature I just loved is how tiny and portable it is, but powerful because, with its 1500 Watt output power, it behaves like the big ones.

There’s another awesome thing on the Tenergy, and is that it is really quick to warm up; in just 3 seconds the heat begins to flow and this is very useful because the baby’s room is warm in no time.

Finally, the quietness, this device really works silently and is perfect for a baby’s room usage.

  • The -15degree fan tilt allow adjusting the heat flow on the room
  • Contains a built-in automatic shut-off safety feature which avoids fire risks
  • The sturdy base allows placing the unit safely almost everywhere
  • The power cord has no storage space on the unit
  • The heater has no timer
  • The unit grid is hot when the device is functioning

Also Great: Infrared Wall Heater by Heat Storm

What I like the most about this unit is that it is one of the safest heaters for a baby room since placing it on the wall is totally out of their reach.

I also like that despite being a heater, the unit even keeps the wall cold no matter what power level the unit is working.

One thing that seems to me always more than convenient is the fact that it has a remote control because it allows me to control the temperature of the baby’s room from mine.

Finally, the Anti-trip technology for electrical breaker feature makes it extremely safe in case we are not at home, or even out of the city.

  • The Space heater is child proof since it is mounted on the wall
  • The remote control allows easy and comfortable use
  • There’s a lot of space-saving, and it’s more secure because we can project its 3 ft. security perimeter
  • Not portable, must be attached to the wall
  • Is not so powerful, 1000 Watt of output heats spaces only up to 500 sq. ft
  • Lights, when is operating, can disturb the baby


Among all the models of heaters for a baby’s room, my personal preference is the Homegear 1500.

First of all, even when they can be more economical, ceramic heaters seem unsafe for any environment where there are babies or children, since they are curious without measuring the hazards, and these devices warm up when they are being used.

Nor would I choose a model that should be installed on the wall, because I lose the advantage of mobility, and when you go on a trip or take the baby with the grandmother, we will face the same problems with the ambient temperature.

From the remaining models, the Homegear 1500 has two things that for me make it a winner: the remote control, and the technology of rapid heating, because the environment is ready, warm and pleasant for the baby quickly.

I hope you have enjoyed this trip through this useful device that can relieve us a lot regarding the temperature problems in the environments where we have our babies.

The comfort, tranquility, and happiness of our loved ones are for us parents always a priority.

What is a Personal Mini Heater?

The personal heaters are devices, which through heat emissions allow us to generate particular temperature conditions in a given space, without having to modify the temperature regulation of the entire structure (home, office).

The heaters are inspired by the radiators of ambient heat that existed in ancient times. According to Brett Brenner, president of the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) for The Washington Post ” It’s something you may remember when growing up in your grandma’s house, but they used to be a lot more dangerous than they currently are,” today there’re different technologies to generate heat for an indoor ambient, let’s see some of them.

Types of Mini Heater

There are several types of personal heaters, usually differentiated according to the method they use to generate and radiate heat. Let’s see the main ones:

Convection Heaters: These heaters are filled with a heat transfer oil to radiate heat from the external surface area. They’re generally used to heat large spaces.

Ceramic Heaters: According to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers AHAM “Ceramic heaters use a ceramic heating element and generally use a fan to spread heat”( This type of heaters is the most popular in the market.

Radiant & Infrared Heaters: These devices use infrared rays as a source of heat. They’re very energy efficient and silent.

Micathermic Panel Heaters: This is a hybrid model, which combines 80% of a convection heater, and 20% of an Infrared. The great advantage is that they don’t have fans, which prevents the dust from recirculating in the room (excellent for people with allergies).

The aspect that I don’t particularly like is that they’re extremely hot, and I consider them inconvenient for the rooms of our babies.

Why Do You Need To Buy a Personal Heater For the Baby Room?

As parents, we know that one of the most important aspects of nursing and raising our little ones is safety. In that sense, the mini personal heater has been an excellent option to solve the problem of the temperature of the baby’s room. Why?

First of all, I can place the environment where it is total to they like, without needing to modify the rest of the temperature of the house.

Another aspect that has been very valuable to us as parents, is that it’s portable. Sometimes we have gone on holiday, or simply the grandmother wants us to leave the baby at her home a couple of days. We simply carry the heater, and we make sure that our beloved sleeps warm wherever.

Returning to the issue of safety, for us, there was one aspect that was crucial, and that is that the personal heater prevents “excess fabric” in the baby’s cradle. What were the other options to keep him warm?

The first, of course, was to dress it double of everything. This bothered him a lot, besides that he looked stifled.

The second is to place more blankets, but that was even more terrifying: The fear of suffocation or Sudden Infant Death (SIDS). One is always looking after the children, and when you have a small baby you even sleep with one eye open and the other closed.

But unfortunately, at some point, they aren’t under our supervision, and we must minimize the risks. The heater solved this situation remarkably.

Things to Consider when Buying a Space Heater

Let’s see some aspects that we must take in mind when selecting the space heater for the baby room:

Type of heater: We must be guided by the characteristics of the main space, or where the device will be installed most of the time. Because the space heaters for the babies, we must make sure to select one with cold surfaces (We know that children are curious, and they touch everything without measuring the consequences).

Energy Efficiency: It’s appropriate that we do a little research about the electrical consumption characteristics of the devices that we’re considering as purchase options. The main idea is to achieve warming, but with electricity consumption that doesn’t generate problems in our bills.

Take in mind the special features of the space heater such as energy safe mode, or auto shutdown options.

Safety Characteristics: If they aren’t handled properly, personal heaters are a potential fire. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), the heaters caused 56,000 home fires, in addition to 470 deaths between 2009 and 2013.

That’s why it’s important that we consider the different characteristics, modes, and safety features of the devices that we have on sight.

Operating Our Heaters Safely

In the same Washington Post article, Brenner recommends that we shouldn’t leave the heater on overnight or unsupervised. Also, Jill Notini, a vice president at the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) urges us to never buy a used device “You don’t know the history of the product or what condition it was stored in or whether it was ever dropped.”

In addition, the AHAM has prepared a series of tips and recommendations for the correct and safe use of heaters. These are the recommendations.

  • Read the instruction manual provided by the device manufacturer
  • We must not leave the heater unattended, and we must disconnect it when it isn’t in use
  • Never use the device with a cord extension. Heating of the extra cord could cause a fire
  • We must create a perimeter of 3 FT around the device (including the carpet)
  • We must not have flammable substances near the device
  • Unless the heater is specifically designed for use outdoors or in bathrooms, we must not use the device in wet environments, as moisture may partially or totally damage the unit
  • We must be aware of looking for a safe outlet for our heaters. In case the outlet overheats, we should look for an electrician to replace it
  • Don’t use the heater with a damaged cord
  • Don’t connect any other device to the outlet where the heater is connected
  • Keep units out of the reach of children, and don’t leave the space heater in the children room without supervision
  • Always place the unit on level surfaces

Photo by Uniqueheat, Modified by Author.


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