Best Non-Toxic Play Mats for Baby

Play mats come in almost every shape, texture, and color you can imagine but their primary uses all are pretty much the same. When your baby starts to move around more, it’s no longer safe to leave them on the bed or anywhere else you used to feel safe leaving them.

As babies grow, they need a safe area where they can occupy themselves with their toys and explore their new-found freedom without nearly giving you a heart attack when those inevitable head bumps come.

Of course, as parents, we know the futility of trying to eliminate every hazard that our babies could possibly face, but getting the best non-toxic play mats to protect our little ones from bumps on the cold hard floor is one of the things that we can do right.

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Our pick: Baby Care Play Mat – Haute Collection

This mat comes in a single piece and isn’t separatable, but it does make for easy storage. This playmat from Baby Care has been proven to be hygienic and safe according to the European Toy Standards. It comes free of Latex, Phthalate, BPA, Latex, Formaldehyde, Lead, and EVA.

This reversible, non-slip mat is waterproof and comes with an easy to clean design which is great if you’re concerned about your baby’s play area getting messy and turning into a possible health hazard without the constant cleaning and disinfecting.

All you have to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth and you’re done. No need to spend hours washing it by hand or machine and waiting for it to dry before your baby can enjoy their new-found play-time freedom.

This non-toxic mat is so soft that when an egg was dropped from a height of 10 feet it onto the mat it didn’t crack. Hard to believe, I know, but you can find out soon enough whether that’s true or not if you decide that this mat is the right one for your baby.

Looking at this unique design, one can see why it’s such a big hit with a lot of parents and babies, and that’s why we have it at the top of our list.

The large variety of colorful animals will be sure to keep your baby joyfully occupied for quite a while.

  • Vibrant colors and interesting animal design
  • Solid, durable construction
  • Easy to clean. No washing necessary
  • Easy to store
  • Waterproof
  • Mat doesn’t disassemble
  • Folding warps shape over time
  • Not very convenient when traveling

Budget: Wee Giggles Extra Thick Foam Floor Play Mat

This mat is ideal for you if you have limited space. It’s also great for parents who like to move the baby around different rooms of different sizes as it can be adjusted to fit the available space.

The floor play mat provides a safe place for your little one to get some tummy time, and the thick, soft foam tiles ensure safety even for babies who are learning how to crawl or walk by providing extra protection from bumps and falls.

The edges are collapsible, which is great because this mat can be used to keep baby’s toys and balls inside their play area.

This mat is non-toxic and totally safe for your baby to play in. It contains no BPA, Lead or Latex and is a great choice for all health-conscious parents who are looking for a thick, versatile, and stylish baby floor mat for their rambunctious toddler.

  • Varied Sizes
  • Different uses – can be used flat or fenced up
  • Floor mat will grow with your baby
  • Provides a beautiful visual edge for your baby
  • Fence up position doesn’t really contain a moving child
  • Mat warps if you leave it in the sun too long
  • Plastic foam smells of new sneakers when new

Budget: Interlocking Foam Baby Play Mat Tiles For Infants

This unique puzzle play mat has a stylish, modern design and foam walls. It doesn’t come with any of the bold primary colors, but rather beautiful, neutral colors that complement your home and nursery.

As far as baby mats go, this is totally different from most other mats that you see on the market, and this just proves the point I made earlier that there is definitely a mat for everyone no matter what your preferences are.

If you’re a chic, modern mom who loves to ensure that you and baby look great while having fun, then this could probably make a great addition to your baby’s playtime accessories.

The large square foam tiles measure about 24 inches each, making the mat about 61 x 61 inches when assembled. If you have an extra-large space, you could always combine a couple of these mats for more fun.

  • Mat disassembles for easy storage
  • Easy to clean, just wipe with a damp cloth
  • Soft, non-toxic, great for baby’s soft skin
  • Thick padding for extra safety
  • Comes with a handy case for carrying
  • Baby may not like pastel colors
  • Tiles are small so you may have to get two sets
  • Sides are a little flimsy when up

Budget: Angels 20 X-Large Foam Play Mats for All Children

This mat comes with 20 vibrant colored tiles that kids will love. The tiles come in a variety of colors and measure 12 x 12 inches each.

When assembled, they cover 20 square feet. The mat is made of soft foam which protects your baby from those inevitable head bumps while at the same time protecting your beautiful floors from scratches and spills of baby food.

The mat is waterproof and easy to clean so you don’t have to worry when the mess maker gets to work.
It not only cleans easily but also stores away neatly and quickly. The material is non-toxic and safe to use for babies of all ages.

If you’re in the market for a highly versatile, durable floor mat for your growing toddler, then this is one you should consider.

  • Versatile use
  • Mat is non-toxic and safe for all
  • Comfortable enough to use as an exercise mat
  • Soft foam great for avoiding bumps on the floor
  • Tiles run a little small and are easily pulled out by toddlers
  • Mat is a little thin
  • Doesn’t connect well with other mats

Also Great: Kutchu Children’s Play Mat Made with Natural Rubber

This children’s play mat from Kutchu is made out of natural rubber which is a great advantage for parents looking for a natural alternative to the non-toxic mats.

It’s designed like a yoga mat and has a thickness to it that parents of heavier kids will appreciate as it ensures that even if the toddler moves around or tries to stand and falls, they won’t hurt themselves or scrape their little knees on the hard floor.

The mat has a distinct rubber smell when it’s new, but that soon fades according to a lot of mommies who have already been using this particular mat for a while.

The rubber material that the mat is made out of is created using the sap from rubber trees in South Asia, but don’t worry, they use only non-rainforest trees.

The Kutchu play mat is non-slip and has to be used on a hard surface. The mat measures 51 x 66 inches and is about three inches thick. If you have a little tot that’s learning how to sit, crawl or walk, this mat could be the perfect choice for you.

  • Non-slip
  • Soft, cushioned landing for eager tots
  • Easy to clean. Wipe with damp cloth
  • Rolls up for easy storage
  • Free of harmful chemicals and toxins
  • Smells strongly of rubber for a few days when new
  • Not easy to carry around when traveling
  • Edges aren’t protected to avoid tripping

Also Great: NON-TOXIC 36 Piece Children Play & Exercise Mat

This mat comes with 36 pieces of bright and colorful fun for baby. The puzzle pieces are all safe and non-toxic which means that you have less to worry about in case your baby is teething. The tiles can be linked together and broken apart and stacked easily for storage.

This versatile mat means that your baby not only gets to be comfortable on the floor, but they also have some fun, engaging entertainment at their disposal.

The mat is certified for all ages, which is great as it allows siblings to play with the baby, adding to the joy of the floor mat experience for all.

This mat is waterproof which is great for parents on the go who don’t have time to spend hours cleaning their baby’s floor mat every day. A simple wipe with a damp cloth will do the job. Use vinegar and water solution for a safe and quick disinfectant and ensuring the safety of your toddler becomes a breeze.

This mat is very durable and is designed to last your baby for a long time.

  • Bright beautiful colors that baby will love
  • Fun puzzle pieces for hours of engagement
  • The mat can be modified to fit large or smaller spaces
  • Different colors aid in baby’s development and learning
  • No numbers or letters on the mat
  • No rounded edges to prevent tripping
  • Mat tends to slide if accidentally bumped

The Winner

Now that you’ve read through the six best non-toxic play mats for baby in this review, you probably already know which one is your favorite, but you’re just waiting to hear if I agree with you, right? Well, if you chose the Baby Care Play Mat – Haute Collection, then I absolutely agree!

As far as baby mats go, this one takes the cup because it not only has some amazing features like the bright, vibrant colors and solid, durable construction but it also comes with a very thick width which I think is great because whether your baby has just started sitting up or if they are already crawling, this mat is going to help keep your little one safe from those inevitable tumbles.

Non-Toxic Vs Organic Baby Play Mats

If you’re wondering what the difference is between non-toxic and organic play mats, let me clear that up for you.

Organic play mats are made with all-natural materials whereas non-toxic play mats aren’t 100% organic, meaning that there are some synthetic materials used to make them.

Those manufactured materials aren’t toxic, however, and they are labeled ‘food-grade’ which means that they have been proven to be safe for humans (in this case safe for babies).

What to Look For in a Baby Play Mat


As a general rule, the amount of padding that a baby floor play mat has is in direct proportion to the level of comfort it provides for your baby as well as its durability. Try to opt for mats with more padding to ensure your baby’s comfort.


As parents well know, most babies are drawn to bright, vivid colors and it’s best to go with one that has lots of designs, colors, shapes and anything else that will hold your baby’s attention.


Make sure that the mat you choose can be taken apart or folded easily in case you want to travel with it.


A larger mat means that you’ll be able to use it for much longer as your baby grows, so it’s probably best to go with a bigger mat right from the start.


This is one of the most important factors to consider. Make sure that the mat you choose is made from materials that are non-toxic to your baby.

Also, it’s important to ensure that the material you choose is non-slip so that your baby doesn’t fall and hurt themselves. Take these features into consideration before you decide which may be the best play mat for your baby.

In an effort to make that choice easier for you, we’ve researched and reviewed 6 baby mats that have all of the above features and more. Read on to find out which of these best non-toxic play mats would be the right choice to suit your little one.

Varied Use of Play Mats

To shield your baby from the floor

The benefits of using play mats are numerous. They are designed to cushion your baby and protect them from the cold floor surfaces like tiles, hardwood, and concrete.

If babies could talk, any one of them would tell you that it’s no fun crawling on a hard surface with those soft, fragile little knees. Playmats are made from different materials which include soft and cushy foam and rubber.

Most play mats on the market these days are topped with a washable, waterproof cover that comes in a range of bright colors and exciting patterns to entice your little one to play.

To shield the floor from your baby

Most busy parents will agree with me here. Sometimes these mats come in handy for protecting the floor from little ‘accidentally-on-purpose’ accidents like food spills, scratching toys, and all another manner of permanent damage that a boisterous toddler could possibly do to your beautiful hardware floor.

To serve as the designated play area

This helps teach your baby the boundaries of where it’s safe to play and where it isn’t. A playmat creates an aesthetically pleasing visual boundary for your baby.

There are so many options for baby floor mats available on the market today that you’d have to try very hard not to find something that you like.

Read our reviews of some of the most popular brands, and check out the buying guide to help you decide which of the listed non-toxic floor play mats could be the right choice to meet the needs of you and your baby.

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