Best Diaper Bags For Toddlers Multi- Function Backpack for Moms

Let’s face it, toddler bags aka diaper bags, are a must-have where there’s a young one involved. There’s no denying that babies are tremendously commoving; they kick up the atmosphere with their puerile toothless grins and dainty giggles. But when it’s time to fly out the nest for little outdoor adventure, these bundles of joy turn into the turbulent wave that leaves most parents dully overwhelmed. Finding a hassle-free means to ferry your baby necessities through any travels is often a major relief for most parents. Diaper bags let you do just that in a very organized and straightforward manner.

With that in mind, you need to tread carefully. Dig deep for an affordable bag that fits right into your preferences.

The following are 5 of the markets best toddler diaper bags anywhere today. Each of them has something different up their sleeve and a utility capability that’s quite honestly out of this world.

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Our Pick: Halova Diaper Bag Large Capacity

Backpack diaper bags are a fresh addition to the market. They’re trendy, very convenient and incredibly easy to lug around.

That is why our number one pick comes in the shape of one. The HaloVa diaper backpack gives parenthood a certain brazen kick that lets you maintain a stylish flare even through a diaper rummage.

Its chic design does little to curtail its efficiency. Made from high-quality material, this bag is not only durable but maintains shape even when stuffed to maximum capacity.

Besides that, spillages are a breeze to handle thanks to its waterproof element.

It’s zippered, the wide-mouthed main compartment features interior divisions to keep your baby essentials well organized. Further, its multiple pockets are as roomy as they are easily accessible, an aspect most parents tremendously appreciate.

Additionally, the bag reserves a wet cloth pocket for soiled and any water ridden clothes you may have to deal with.

The package also throws in insulated bottle slots which keeps your baby’s drinks at the proper temperatures; no doubt a smart inclusion.

  • Modern chic design
  • Super versatile; it can pose as either a handbag or a backpack
  • Features a reasonable number of pockets, all of which offer straightforward access
  • Keeps your hands free of baby paraphernalia
  • Hauling on strollers may prove difficult due to the absence of stroller straps
  • Lacks a changing pad inclusion
  • There are customer complaints in regard to its inner lining as presumably low in quality

Best Diaper Bag For Twins: Diaper Bag By Hip Club

In a world where fashion is a no-compromise necessity, Hip Club diaper bag ensures that even baby care is approached with trendy elegance.

This twins diaper bag comes in a black/blue and white striped body with a bold faux leather finishing giving it a fashionable touch that most other diaper bags lack.

One thing you’re going to love about this one is its ability to hold a tremendous much without influence on its comfort factor during use. It features an adjustable faux leather strap for an uncomplicated shoulder haul and alternative shorter carry handles that you can easily slip up your elbow.

The tote has a total of seven pockets, each zippered for security efficacy. It’s interior is lined with an easy-wipe material. In case of accidental spillages, you can simply wipe the mess away.

What’s more, it’s roominess is a bonus that doesn’t make it unnecessarily bulky. If anything, it maintains a reasonable, well balanced and convenient size making it a great choice even in the case of twins.

Finally, wait for it; it comes with its own changing pad and a pair of stroller straps. Talk about pliancy.

  • Easy access pockets
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Perfect baby shower gif
  • Super trendy
  • Internal arrangement is a bit more difficult to achieve due to lack of dividers
  • The bag comes with an odor which fades away after some time

Bang for the Buck: Nappy Bag By Maman

For a tote that’s worth every penny, Maman gives us a multifunction modish nappy bag with an all-rounded efficiency.

This diaper toddler bag comes with more than enough space for stuffing baby gear topping its overall functionality. You have to agree with me, 10 pockets are no joke.

On the inside, it consists of a waterproof lining which allows you the wipe away privilege in case of spillages ( these are bound to happen). Besides that, it’s entire make fabric is top quality to secure the type of resilience required for extended use.

This bag brings a range of carrying options that work well to bolster your super-parent powers. You can alternate between its solid shoulder strap and its thoughtful carrying handles to reduce the amount of stress wreaked on your body at any one time.

You can even let your stroller do the heavy lifting thanks to the bag’s stroller straps a bonus addition. Additionally, there’s also a changing pad to maximize its functionality.

And based on the fact that it comes in four different colors, you are spoilt for choice when it’s time to make the fateful pick.

  • Durable make material
  • The price tag is beyond reasonable considering it’s optimum adeptness
  • Fashionable enough to keep up your overall style
  • A Low-quality zipper that’s anything but a smooth runner

Also Great: VALANDRES Diaper Bag Purse

Sometimes all you need is a lightweight designer purse to get you and your baby for a fun-packed weekend getaway.

This toddler diaper purse is exactly what its name suggests it is. It brings you sass that covers the fact that it’s a diaper bag letting you beam out in your preferred sense of style.

In the list of multifunctional, super spacious toddler diaper bags, this one has got to be way up on top. Don’t let its sizeable shape fool you; this bag has adequate room for most of your baby essentials.

More specifically, the bag consists of a total of 24 pockets ready for stuffing, heaping and shoving.

Its posh fabric is well assembled with sturdy stitching throwing its fashion appeal off of the charts. On top of all that, it’s shoulder straps are designed for comfortable haulage thanks to their well-fitted protection pads.

More inclusions worth a mentions are its stroller straps, a bonus pacifier holder and a changing pad.

  • Sponge shoulder protection pad
  • Multiple pockets for optimum use of space
  • High quality luxurious fabric
  • Some dads may not like it’s loud yet super trendy design

Also Great: Chic Diaper Backpack by Skip Hop

I’ll be frank; the Skip Hop diaper pack is simply to die for.

For young mums with an explosive fashion sense, this bag works perfectly. It’s most celebrated feature has got to be its all-black look with gold metallic finishings. This bag looks nothing like your typical toddler diaper bag.

It is made from an easy-clean material which proves very handy when it comes down to keeping things spotless. The backpack is pretty roomy with a drawstring opening as access to its main compartment.

It goes on to keep things interesting with its tiny metallic feet to ground it once set down. It’s clip-on stroller straps come handy when alternative ferrying means are needed.

Finally, this bag also features two insulated bottle pockets.

  • Impressively stylish and cute
  • Dual insulated bottle pockets
  • Additional clip on stroller straps for eased carrying
  • The bag is a bit too expensive for most parents
  • It’s shoulder straps are not all that too comfortable (they feel scratchy)

Why You Need A Toddler Bag

A good number of people figure any typical bag can serve as a toddler diaper bag with the same efficiency. Sure it may let you haul your stuff around with remarkable ease but when it comes to down to baby needs, the same may fail you terribly.

Like everything else labeled baby, diaper bags are designed specially to hold baby particulars ranging from sippy cups to soiled diapers. And in as much as the temptation to convert a regular bag into one is stronger than ever, you may want to take a step back and weigh the situation further.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Toddler Bag

Now that it’s clear that your little angel definitely needs a diaper bag, there are a few things you need to keenly analyze before settling for anyone in particular. They come in distinctive shapes, sizes, and designs.

Purchasing one isn’t going to be a guessing game. You need to know what you’re looking for to ensure your eventual decision serves you the best way possible.

With that said, here is a brief look at key factors to consider all through your toddler bag hunt.


This, my friends, is the single most important feature of a diaper bag. Why? It not only determines how long you get to use the bag, but it also arbitrates how clean you get to keep it.

In regards to longevity, you want a material that’s sturdy enough to face down any storm and emerge victoriously.

There’s no doubt that you’re going to be moving quite the number of stuff around within it. Your bag needs to be pliable and strong in order to live through the stress without as much as a tear.

Cleanliness? This is a big one. Kids are messy and their parents can get pretty clumsy too. One thing you can be sure of is that you will spill something into the bag. And when that happens, you should be in a position to do away with the mess fast.

The only way that’s possible is if the bag’s material is not only wipeable but also waterproof. You’ll thank me later.

Number Of Pockets And Divisions

You will need room, room and more room to be able to comfortably gather up all your baby needs in one bag. We know how chaotic a rummage through a toddler diaper bag can get; sometimes you can swear it swallows up your kiddie’s toys.

The bag you settle on should have enough space, sufficiently divided for a civilized arrangement of the required paraphernalia. These same pockets should be easy to reach into and allow for quick retrieval of any item.

One more important aspect here is to ensure all pockets are secure and won’t have baby gear falling off all over the place.

Carrying Options

Ask yourself this question; how easily can you lug the bag around? Does it strain any parts of your body? If it does, you may want to look for something else.

Keep in mind that you’re going to be carrying the diaper bag a tremendous lot all through your baby’s early life.

A bag with a range of carrying options reduces persistent strain on say your shoulders. Look for a bag with stroller straps to ease its ferrying in the presence of the stroller.

Backpack diaper bags are fast gaining popularity as they give you a hands-free carrying option. With that unpredictable bundle(baby) on the loose, there’s no telling when you may need both your hands to neutralize a situation.


Don’t even get me started on the shabby tasteless toddler diaper bag types floating in the market at staggering numbers. Fortunately, manufacturers are going out of their way to create heavily competent bags with a fashion-forward appeal to its users.

Gone are the days when a diaper bag would stick out like a sore thumb.

The market is now profusely ridden with stylish diaper bags all of which come with a distinct flair. When it comes to style, you might also want to consider what daddy wants too.

This is in cases where both parents may have to use the same diaper bag.


Whether we like it or not, money is always an issue. We all want to make worthwhile a purchase and that may sometimes mean draining our bank accounts. Don’t get me wrong, expensive does not always mean the best. And in that same train of thought, cheap is hardly ever tenacious enough.


Toddler diaper bags are ingenious creations that have changed an outrageous number of lives thanks to their versatility. If you have a baby, then you must get one.

Unfortunately, buying one can get frustrating especially if you have no idea what to look for. The guide above should prove very helpful in your search for the best diaper bags for toddlers.

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