Baby Shower Creative and Decorating Ideas

Today’s baby showers are a modern phenomenon. It is a bit different from some other parties because it’s focused on the new baby. One of the best things about a baby shower is the cute gifts. You can even personalize gifts if you know the baby’s sex or name.

Pregnancy is an enjoyable experience but different for every woman and It’s also OK to have one baby shower after the baby is born. To create a perfect baby shower, you need some ideas for baby shower games, food, favors, themes, and baby shower invitations. Consider making a video and interview family and friends. Good luck and have fun!

1. Make DIY Pompoms

Make these colorful and cute pom poms. They are really easy to make and super popular for baby shower decoration. How to make, check here.

2. Give Thanks To Your Friends And Family

Simple and adorable. It will be a sweet surprise. Thank everyone who attended the baby shower by sending them home with this gift. Find here some ideas.

3. Table Balloons Decorations

Enjoy these easy and creative baby shower. Perfect for a photo booth background or a dessert table backdrop! Table decoration that anyone can make.

4. A Unicorn Party

Cute and unique baby shower. Unicorn Party is incredibly popular right now. Read more here.

5. Cheers And Happy Tears

Baby’s almost here! It’s time to celebrate! For some ideas, check here.

6. Large Confetti Balloon

A sweet surprise! You can even personalize confetti with blue or pink color if you know the baby’s sex. Look here!

7. Balloon Party Path

Making your garden decor more unique. Creating an outdoor baby shower oasis. Check here.

8. Floral Balloon Wall

Check out these beautiful projects. It’s easy and inexpensive to make.

9. Baby Shower Flower Jar You Can Take Home

Transform jar in beautiful flower arrangements. Have enough flower jar for guests. It’s nice decoration and simply thanks gifts for your guests at the end of the shower. How to make it?

10. Large Floral Letter

This large floral letter would make a gorgeous addition to any baby shower. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to try making Floral Letter display as party decor. How to make read here.

11. Baby Shower Tea Party

Baby Shower Tea Party would be a great idea in the summertime when you can serve iced tea.
Also, buy coffee and make fresh lemonade for those that don’t like tea. Looking for fun tea party recipes!

12. Baby Shower Invitations

Find inspiration for the perfect theme for your baby shower. Selected the theme, time and the place for your shower. The next step is to send the invitation to your guests. Check here for some ideas. PROBLEM S UČITAVANJEM LINKA?

13. Baby Shower Diaper Cake

Stunning Diaper Cakes anyone can make and it’s a great baby shower gift because new parents never get enough diapers. Here are the necessary supplies.

14. DIY Cupcake Push Pops

Be creative and make special touch that makes such a difference! Take time and prepare a fun dessert to impress all the kids. DIY ideas.

15. Welcome Baby Shower Banner

Greet guests with a creative “welcome” banner that hung on the front door or above the sideboard in a dining room. Get some inspirations here.

16. Baby Block Decoration

Place Giant Block Alphabet all around room or garden. Materials needed.

17. DIY Cake Topper

Sweet cake decorations for any party. Topper place on a fancy cake and sprinkle flowers all around. Get some inspirations here.

18. Homemade Watercolor Balloons

For cute yard, decorations use balloons and some watercolor. Details and instructions right here.

19. Baby Shower Guest Frame

For extra special touch, guests wrote their names and help parents to remember who came to a baby shower. For helpful instructions look here.

20. A Fun Diaper Snail

What every new mom needs are these adorable and fun diaper package! All you need are here.

21. Baby Shower Flower Arrangement

A baby party is perfect in a Spring time when all of the flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping. Celebrating the coming of a new baby is such a special and wonderful time for making memories for life. How to make the brilliant arrangement look here.

22. Bring Favorite Children’s Book on Baby Shower

For good night and happy time spent with little ones, you have adorable children’s book. Children’s book is a perfect idea for a baby shower gift! Check here.

23. Chocolate Themed Baby Shower

Eyes of your guests will be focused on the buffet table, you should decorate it with care and must also pay attention to details. Some sweet decoration is here.

24. Dress Up The Drinks

You can find nice ideas about how to use a jar. Slice up fresh fruit and add it to a jar. Make a drink that looks as special as it tastes. Check here.

25. Gender Reveal Box With Balloons

Gather all your guests and open the box. Definitely the perfect surprising and fun element on every Baby Shower. Instructions are here.

26. Flying Light Decoration

A baby shower should be an exciting and memorable event- lights are the ideal decorating accent for a baby shower. Read more here.

27. Modern Baby Shower Decoration

You should decorate it with care and also pay attention to details. Check out this gorgeous baby shower event details.

28. Pastel Baby Shower Ideas

A gorgeous baby shower that celebrates one of nature’s greatest miracles! Find the perfect baby shower inspiration.

29. Lights Decoration

For special touch decorate it with twinkle lights. Place lanterns all around and play some soft background music.

30. Fresh Homemade Lemonade For Guests

How about we celebrate baby shower with friends and fresh lemonade in the backyard? Ad some ice, slice up fresh fruit and enjoy the taste. Find some ideas here.

31. Make Some Delicious Food Finger

Guests love a great snack, you have to serv mini-finger foods. An easy way to make a party absolutely stunning and look great. Check here for inspirations.


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